Sweat4GOOD for facingUP

Sweating is GOOD for you. That’s the reason it is encouraged by health professionals! So, whilst you are sweating for the good of ‘yourself’, why not consider sweating for others whilst at it?

Why should I S4G?

Sweating for a cause such as facingUP can add additional motivation to help you put purpose to your pedal (or paddle) and significance to your stride, step or swim-stroke. As part of our effort to raise awareness and funds for the work of fUSS, our S4G initiative invites athletes (runners, walkers, swimmers, cyclists, paddlers) to lace-goggle-saddle&paddleUP during any event, and use it to Sweat4GOOD.

How do I S4G?

  1. Identify the event you plan to enter.
  2. Inform us and we can assist you with sponsorship forms as well as information about fUSS.
  3. Encourage others to sponsor you.
  4. On the race day, slip into your S4G gear and make sure you smile for the TV cameras.

Our doGOODers Say

“Many organizations talk about ‘doing good’. They talk about how they have a passion to do their work. facingUP actually ‘walk this talk’. I take a great deal of encouragement out of it when I take part in events where I form part of Sweat4GOOD. To form part of Sweat4GOOD makes me feel I am supporting kids that I will never met, but my heart is
unified with the ones who offer the support because I know they do it with passion and integrity.”

“I am encouraged to know that my money (and my suffering on the bike) is impacting a life that needs a lifting hand; almost like the helping hand I had on some of the hills in CTCT2016. Yes, it makes me feel GOOD that I’m supporting someone (fUSS) who do GOOD. I can’t help many, but in supporting their cause, I know I’m helping someone who’s benefiting from the wonderful services of facingUP.

“The grit and determination with which these guys take on and finish events like CTCT says massive amounts about the kind of encouragement they will give in helping others through the tough stuff of life. I’m happy to support a cause like this.”

“There is a real spirit of encouragement in this bunch of people. No matter how tough the hill, they keep motivating and encouraging you. I can understand why people who are suffering prefer to have their support around - ‘cos it’s real! And it works!”

“From beginning to end, facingUP and Sweat4GOOD makes you feel part of a family and their cause. They make you feel like you matter, and that they’re not just in-it for the money, but for the reason of making people feel valued - a unique experience.”

Anyone can S4G for fUSS at any even - no event is too small.

Sweating is GOOD, so Sweat4GOOD








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