Join facingUP and Sweat4GOOD

facingUP  [feysing-uhp] The dictionary describes it as:
“to face: have boldness; nerve; dignity” / “up: toward; to a higher point; a more elevated position”

Sweating is GOOD for you. And, in training for an event, you’ll be doing lots of sweating too.  So, while you’re doing it for yourself, why not put your sweat-effort towards GOOD and Sweat4GOOD?

“Sho! Stuff happens…” – Forest Gump paraphrase.

When ‘stuff’ happens, many people find themselves feeling isolated, unsupported, confused and struggling to make sense of the life-changing loss they have experienced.  

facingUP Support Services (fUSS) direct our determination and drive toward supporting young people and communities to make sense of life-changing events, such as death, divorce and displacement.  

fUSS design and deliver programmes that equip young people facingUP to, and support them through the process of overcoming the challenges in their lives; thereby taking individuals ‘to a higher, more elevated point’ in their lives.

When you saddleUP or laceUP with facingUP, you are using your sweat-effort to help young people attend our programs which help young people make sense of loss and equip them to develop positive life strategies in order to become positive role-players in their communities.  Browse our website to see the impact for yourself.  

By Sweating4GOOD, our doGOODers have consistently enabled fUSS to support young people to grow through their respective challenges and painful life experiences.  If our work resonates with your own life-journey, join our doGOODers movement and S4G with fUSS!






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