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facingUP  [feysing-uhp]

The dictionary describes it as:
“to face:  have boldness; nerve; dignity”     “up:  toward; to a higher point; a more elevated position”

facingUP Support Services (fUSS) direct our determination and drive toward:
  • supporting young people and communities to make sense of life-changing events, such as death, divorce and displacement;
  • encouraging young people through the process of integrating the loss into their lives;
  • celebrating their resilience through the growth-process, in order to live victorious lives, making a positive contribution to their communities.

fUSS has an A B C strategy when it comes to offering our support:


fUSS programmes are:

  • age appropriate, adaptable, highly interactive, educational, and motivational, whilst allowing for self-discovery and self-realisation.






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